Charlotte Church ditches binge drinking to avoid ‘hangaxiety’

Charlotte Church has ditched binge drinking because she doesn’t want to deal with "hangxiety."

The 33-year-old singer has "had enough" of the way she feels after drinking so decided to cut down at the beginning of the year and is now feeling "restored".

She wrote in an article for The Guardian newspaper: "I don’t want to be teetotal, but I have had enough of the creeping panic, shame and guilt that comes with drinking. A spell without alcohol left me thoroughly restored…

"I just don’t want to deal with the hangxiety any more: the creeping panic, the shame, the guilt. I already renounced Catholicism.

"A recent study at Rutgers and Yale Universities claimed that binge and heavy drinking could even change us on a genetic level, leading to increased cravings for more booze. I like my genes as they are, thank you."

But the ‘Crazy Chick’ hitmaker – who has children Ruby, 11, and 10-year-old Dexter with former partner Gavin Henson and is married to Jonathan Powell – isn’t giving up alcohol for good and insisted she isn’t the party animal people perceive her to be.

She said: "Look, I’m not teetotal. I don’t want to be. Neither am I the compulsive inebriate most suspect me to be. I can have a glass of wine without finishing the bottle.

"I am a woman in her 30s with responsibilities, trying to grasp control of her life in a world that is both distracted by – and neurotic about – its modern virtues, which are themselves extensive and difficult and often wholly narcissistic."

Charlotte – who has also quit smoking – doesn’t regret making the changes, even if people now think she is "boring" because she feels so good about herself.

She quipped: "Am I becoming boring? Maybe, but if feeling this fabulously bloody brilliant is boring, then long reign tedium."

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