Hector Bellerin doesn’t read comments on his social media

Hector Bellerin claims people don’t understand how he can "care" about fashion and soccer at the same time.

The 23-year-old Arsenal defender is known for his bold style choices off the pitch, however, the Spanish starlet has revealed that he has learnt "not to read the comments" from trolls when he posts a picture on social media of him wearing a certain look.

Speaking to UK Vogue, he said: "A lot of people didn’t get it. I know a lot of people who support football teams don’t care about fashion. For them, it can be quite weird to see someone looking very different. But I’ve learnt not to read the comments.

"I’m living my life the way I want to live it, and not the way people think I should."

Bellerin, who trained at Barcelona between the ages of eight and 16, also insisted that he has learnt to be careful with his money, despite loving the "excitement" pricey couture outfits.

He added: "I went to Westfield [Shopping Centre], I was so excited! Now, I’m more careful. I’ve learnt that money comes very quickly, but it leaves even quicker."

The professional sportsman completed a marketing diploma in his spare time and set up an agency with his housemate, and he confessed that "education" was always at the forefront of his life because he was always taught how it is so "important".

He added: "I was taught that education is the most important thing. You need a back-up plan. The creative process excites me. As a kid I used to paint for, like, time. My mum bought me some painting things recently. It’s about what makes you happy."

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