Victoria’s Secret Angel Kelly Gale created anti-cellulite scrub

Victoria’s Secret Angel Kelly Gale suffered with cellulite on her legs when she was younger.

The 23-year-old Swedish model learned to create her own body scrub to keep her skin firm and uses the concoction, which contains ground coffee, coconut oil, cyprus extract and cinnamon bark, every day in the shower.

She said: "What I would do is normally what I would do is get in the shower and use my favourite coffee scrub. I use coffee ground and coconut oil mixed with cyprus extract and cinnamon bark, both of those two essential oils are meant to help make your skin firmer and just more beautiful. So I like to put that in my coconut oil and then I mix the coffee ground with the coconut oil and use that in the shower.

"When I was younger I had cellulite on my legs that I wanted to get rid of so I did a lot of research about what was supposed to be good for that and get smoother and firmer skin and it said everywhere that coffee was really good for that. So I kind of experimented a little bit and made my own scrub that I use almost every day in the shower."

The brunette beauty – who walked in the Victoria’s Secret show for the fifth year in 2018 – also loves using "natural" products on her face and will always make sure to cleanse her skin properly every night before bed.

Speaking to US Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Go To Bed With Me’ series, she said: "So the first thing I do after a long day I wanna cleanse my face and get rid of any dirt, makeup – this is a product I’ve started using really recently it’s called Face Halo [$22.00] and all you need is hot water and it takes everything off. It even works really well for eye make-up which is really rare.

"I use a skin cream from Dermalogica [$50.00] and this I’ve been using for ten years and it’ my go to. If I have an irritation and I use this, when I’ve been without it my skin gets dry and irritated and I feel like if I use this every single day my skin is always flawless. If I was stranded on an Island this would be the one product I would bring for sure. I enjoy using natural things on my skin because it works for me."

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