Christina Hendricks too ‘sensitive’ for social media

Christina Hendricks is too "sensitive" for social media.

The ‘Mad Men’ star avoids using sites like Twitter and Instagram because she doesn’t want to get her "feelings hurt" by what people say online.

Asked why she doesn’t use social media on ‘Busy Tonight’, she said: "I have a reaction to it, I think I’m very sensitive and I think I would get my feelings hurt. I also think that I might get obsessed. And just like go through peoples lives like all day long getting obsessed."

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old actress previously revealed she didn’t use social media because she felt it would "distract" from her acting.

She shared: "I personally don’t want to watch an actor performing and just so happen to know they love this shade of lip gloss and that they had a breakup. It becomes a distraction. I know a lot of people love it and find it an outlet for them to share, and sometimes in an artistic way or in branding themselves. I just don’t think anyone cares if I ate asparagus for dinner. I like a little bit of mystery in others, and so I try and maintain that a little bit for myself."

Christina grew up in a small town in Idaho in the US called Twin Falls and had a happy childhood because she had no expectations of beauty because she was sheltered from fashion and television

She explained: "It was the happiest time of my life. My mum encouraged my brother (Aaron) and me to get involved in the community theatre group so we could make our own fun. My mum was never focused on appearance, but rather encouraged us to get creative. She would help me make my own clothes as there weren’t many places to shop. We didn’t watch TV. It was a very healthy way to grow up as I wasn’t comparing myself to anyone."

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