Laurence Fox lost money in divorce

Laurence Fox lost his "large bank account" when he divorced Billie Piper.

The 40-year-old actor split from the singer-turned-actress – with whom he has sons Winston, 10, and six-year-old Eugene – in 2016 and admitted it had been a "drastic" change, not just because he was single again but because getting divorced was so costly.

He told The Times newspaper: "It was quite a drastic life change. Goodbye, money! Goodbye, wife! Argh! But that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t it? Obviously, you miss the large bank account but that’s not everything."

The ‘Victoria’ star branded his divorce "horrendous" and admitted the legal bills used up money set aside for the boys’ education.

Laurence hit out at lawyers for earning money by sparking arguments and "then in the end everyone starts again, on exactly the same terms as you’d suggested in the first place".

And the former ‘Lewis’ star believes "time" was one of the best ways to get over the breakdown of his marriage.

Asked how he got through it, he said: Time. Forgiveness. Compassion. Those sorts of things.

"Gin doesn’t help, sadly. It’s great for the five-till-seven period of the evening, but not so great in the morning. So no, I don’t think booze is the answer to solving a sad situation.

"Exercise is pretty good, but I think mainly it’s time. Even if you have a very amicable divorce, it’s still going to knock you for six at some point, but time delivers peace. You move on."

While Billie has moved on and recently gave birth to daughter Tallulah with new partner Johnny Lloyd, her ex-husband is currently single and not looking for love.

He said: "I’m not hunting. I’m not going, ‘Who’s next?’ I don’t have an agenda when it comes to a relationship any more. I’m not really after anything in particular."

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