Cate Blanchett loves to ‘recycle and rework’ outfits

Cate Blanchett loves to "recycle and re-wear" timeless outfits.

The 49-year-old actress tries to "hold onto" couture garments that she has acquired over the years and re-work the "beautifully made" pieces because "fashion always looks backwards".

Speaking to UK Vogue, she said: "I love fashion. I see it all as costume. That’s where it springs from [for me], an interest in character and costume – but also when you get to work with great designers or people who are so good at tailoring or interested in forward-looking ideas.

"If you look at people like Roksanda Ilincic and her incredible collection where she smashes those extraordinary colours and patterns together, it is really inspiring.

"Recently I was unpacking stuff and I found an Armani suit that I’ve had since 1997. You hold onto these things; you don’t necessarily need to have the latest and the new.

"So, if you have something that’s beautifully made, you keep it and you re-wear it. Fashion always looks backwards to look forward, so why can’t we just recycle and re-wear?"

The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ star signature fragrance when she was growing up was "lavender" or "violet" because it was what her grandmother always smelt like.

She added: "I was given my first fragrance while I was at drama school, my friend gave me a Clinique perfume that she didn’t like. I had absolutely no money.

"But I think probably even earlier than that I wore perfume. I must have smelled like lavender or violets because that’s what my grandmother smelled of.

"For me, growing up with my mother and grandmother, and remembering their scents, I felt like one day I’m going to be allowed through the portal into womanhood and I, too, will wear a fragrance."

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