Grimes says new album is ‘imminent’

Grimes at Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards, London, UK

Grimes has claimed the release of new material is “imminent”.

The 29-year-old musician – whose real name is Claire Boucher – hasn’t had an album out since her fourth record ‘Art Angels’ in 2015, but in a now-deleted tweet she appears to be ready to unveil some new songs.

A fan shared a post on Tuesday (06.11.18) celebrating three years since the last LP, and Grimes replied: “Thank god I have new music imminent this is embarrassingly long time to not release an album haha (sic)”

Although she deleted the tweet, Grimes still responded to follows asking her to just release the unheard tracks.

She said: “I promised not to be insane and do promo this time so I can’t”

Meanwhile, the star – who claimed earlier this year she wouldn’t be releasing new music “any time soon” because the industry is “trash” – explained she was going to make sure she takes her time.

She added: “Well I have quite a few decent tunes but I don’t want to blow my load after almost destroying my career like 5 times this year.”

Grimes did get fans excited about the new songs though, and insisted she wanted to learn from her mistakes when it comes to her upcoming fifth album.

She said: “They are by far the best ever, part of the wait is fora me to have actual time to make visual art not just rush stuff out as fast as poss (AA was way too crazy I had to edit flesh without blood in 2 days and all the creative choices were based on saving money) (sic)”

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