Maggie Rogers: ‘My style is San Francisco art teacher’

Maggie Rogers’ personal style is a mix between a "space cowgirl" and "San Francisco art teacher".

The 24-year-old songstress likes to add a lot of different elements to her outfits and switch-up her wardrobe to find a "middle ground" between playing a character in an elaborate costume and dressing down in casual wear.

Speaking US Vogue, she said: "It was easier for me to play a character onstage, to dress up and suit up to access this performance mentality.

"I do like that sometimes, but I also want to make sure that it’s enough if I just show up in whatever I’m wearing.

"I’m finding some middle ground between these elements. I want my performances to be fun. Some nights I’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt and others I’ll wear this velvet zebra-print two-piece."

"I like glitter, I like fringe, I like shiny things. I also like raw fabrics. I guess at this moment, I describe my personal style as a mix between a space cowgirl and a San Francisco art teacher."

The ‘Alaska’ hitmaker – who toured with British band Mumford & Sons last year – feels her style is "always evolving" because she likes to experiment with "different" garments to complete her onstage persona.

She added: "There are different expectations for your wardrobe depending on your gender and your genre. Women in rock are still very different than women in pop, and also, like when I was on tour with Mumford & Sons, they would just get onstage in whatever they were wearing that day. Most female performers feel like they can’t get away with that. I like for my style to be almost so perfectly not a part of the story.

"Personal style, like music, is something that is always evolving. I like a lot of different things and that’s just who I am."

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