Jameela Jamil’s toilet mishap

Jameela Jamil was mortified when she broke a toilet right before an important audition.

The ‘Good Place’ actress decided to go for a "nervous poo" and headed for the bathroom – which had just one cubicle – only for the flush to come off in her hand.

Speaking to Phoebe Robinson on the ‘Sooo Many White Guys’ podcast, she said: "So we’re in the audition, it’s the second audition this time.

"I was like ‘I need to do a nervous poo.’

"So I went to do it and there’s only one toilet and it’s shared by the casting director and all of the actresses.

"[When] I went to flush it, the flush came off in my hand and it was just me and this little poo staring at each other."

Jameela was so panic-stricken, she attempted to climb out of the bathroom window and flee the audition but quickly realised that was a bad idea.

She said: "I’m like okay, ‘I’m just going to climb out of the window, leave and go back to England,’ which was genuinely my first instinct.

"I climb on to the toilet and try climb out of the window behind the toilet and realise it’s a 20-foot drop. So, if I fall out there and break my leg they’re going to find me and the poo, which is infinitely a worse story."

The 33-year-old actress then opted to pick the excrement out with her hands, but luckily she soon spotted something to help.

She said: "I’m just about to make contact with the water, and then in the corner of my eye I see there’s this little bit of metal sticking out the side of toilet."

Jameela used the metal to activate the flush and shortly afterwards, headed into the audition and eventually won the part of Tahani Al-Jamil in ‘The Good Place’.

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