Carrie Underwood says her son is a ‘schmoozer’

Carrie Underwood’s four-year-old son is a "schmoozer".

The 36-year-old singer – who has sons Isaiah, four, and Jacob, four months – has joked that her eldest child has already mastered the art of charming women.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Carrie quipped: "I have a four-year-old who’s, like, a schmoozer.

"He knows the right things to say and he’s so cute about it and he knows how to get, not get what he wants but a little bit. And he’ll totally [work it], especially with girls he’s so sweet.

"And then my four-month-old is just four months of squishiness and smiley. And I love those smiley babies."

Meanwhile, Carrie recently described her work-life balance as a "wonderful mess", especially as she heads out on tour with her little ones in tow.

The chart-topping singer – who has been married to sports star Mike Fisher since 2010 – admitted she loves being able to spend time with her children even while she’s touring the world with her music.

She said: "Our first day of the ‘Storyteller Tour’, my son Isaiah walked for the first time. Now he’s four and we’re on the ‘Cry Pretty Tour’. I just know we’re gonna have many more milestones with him and with Jacob, who is three months old.

"It just makes my heart happy [that] I have the kind of job where I can bring my children with me and they can be a part of it. My work and my life kind of collide all together and it makes for a big, wonderful mess."

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