Zac Efron and his brother Dylan interview for Jobs as Columbia Sportswear ‘Gear Testers’

You’d think Zac Efron would sail through an interview.

Maybe Efron has it easier while auditioning for a part in a movie, but when it comes to a job as a gear tester for Columbia Sportswear, he hasn’t dealt with anyone quite so tough as the brand‘s 93-year-old chairwoman, Gert Boyle.

In the commercial, Zac and his brother Dylan Efron are applying to be “gear testers” at Columbia.

 “I didn’t recognize you with your shirt on,” Gert tells Zac when he hands her his “resume,” which is just a signed, sultry looking head shot with qualifications like “I’m a millionaire $$” written on the back.“I didn’t recognize you without your shirt on,” Zac responds, ridiculously.

“I instantly regret saying that,” he adds.

“I’m not always shirtless, I do wear shirts… often. Every day in fact. I’d love to wear your Tested Tough shirts. That’s why we’re hear,” says Zac Efron. “I qualified for the Boston Marathon… I do my own stunts.”

Boyle responds, “Taking off your shirt is a stunt?”

In the end, they both get the job and get to tell their mom the exciting news, which Dylan is quick to do.

“Hey Mom, we got the job,” Dylan says. “Zac’s wearing a shirt in this one, you’ll be proud.”

Watch Zac and Dylan’s audition below.

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