New Couple Alert! Survivor Australia’s Mark Wales and Sam Gash are dating

“We had a great connection on the island”

Hunky Survivor contestant  originally wanted to be on The Bachelor Australia but as fate would have it, the girl of his dreams showed up when he least expected it.

Yep, it’s offish, the former special ops commander is dating his fellow survivor tribe-mate . Aww!

“It’s been nice to get to know each other outside the game. We are now in a relationship,” they revealed in a joint statement.

In fact, it all began when the two were both paired in tribe Asaga and they hit it off right away.

“We had a great connection on the island and got along really well, it was such a unique experience,” they said.

“We formed a strong alliance in the game, which was obviously seen as a threat to others.”

Of course, it didn’t take long before things got steamy between the pair. In fact, the couple have been caught canoodling and spooning each other for, ahem, warmth.

So, what’s Mark looking for in a girl?

“I’m always attracted to people who make the most out of life and are ambitious,” he confessed.

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