Lonan O’Herlihy was too self-conscious to go to the gym

Lonan O’Herlihy was too self-conscious to go to the gym before he became a personal trainer.

The ‘Made In Chelsea’ star turned fitness guru swears by home workouts and the 29-year-old hunk has admitted that he relied on workouts at his house when he first got into health and fitness because he was paranoid about being "so thin".

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, he said: "It’s not just weight loss it can be weight gain … I was actually personally on edge about going to the gym because I was so tall and so thin it was very hard for me to lift any weights. I did a lot of home workouts and I actually spend three to six months doing a home work out every day which is where my interest in this started it’s called functional training. You’re training within your own body weight and you can add in lighter weights and have the music going as well and just enjoy what you’re doing. I really enjoyed home training and doing everything from home so I train all my clients now. "

The former reality star recommends three to five workouts a week to maintain a good physique, however, has also emphasised the importance of a healthy diet and insisted that it’s important to "just be sensible" and" make smart choices".

He said: "On top of the actual work outs themselves you, of course, have to look after diet. Just be sensible with what you’re eating make smart choices but I just try and say get three to five work outs a week."

Lonan has released a short HIIT workout featuring Sony’s newest wireless speaker – the SRS-XB501G – which people can do anywhere in the run-up to Christmas. It can be viewed at Youtube.com/watch?v=s5tL9PG-rso&feature=youtu.be

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