EXCLUSIVE: Amarni chats about her brand new single “No Suprise” and THAT viral video

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new R&B and rap superstar in our midst.

Meet , a 21-year-old rapper/singer/dancer from Sydney, Australia who shot to stardom with her infectious first single “Pretty Little Thing” and even appeared on Ellen with hit viral video “juju on that beat.”

She has been compared to other Aussie-turned-US-sensation singer/rapper Iggy Azalea but Amarni is in a league of her own.

We were lucky enough to attend the launch of her brand new single “No Suprise” with Lazy J at Sydney’s popular nightclub, The Establishment to sit down with the superstar.

Read our full interview with her below:

1. What inspired your new single – it’s quite different to your previous material?

Life, my own personal experiences, what I have been through and that’s why music is so special to me. I feel like I can express exactly how I feel without putting too much thought into it. The day I recorded this record was crazy. The energy in the room was just electric!

2. Plans for the rest of 2019/2020?

I have so many things that I want to tick off as an artist, but my overall goal is just to keep inspiring with my music and really become a global sell-out artist. I want to be up there with the greats – selling out arenas and making noise doing what I love.

3. Is an album/EP in the works?

YES!! It’s all a process but I can’t wait to drop a whole body of work. My concept for my EP is relatable and I can’t wait to share it with all my fans.

4. How did you feel when “juju on that beat” went viral and even appeared on Ellen?!

That was just crazy! I remember I woke up one morning and I was on 60k followers – the night before I think I was on 10k.

I loved that it was with my little brother and we were just having fun in our backyard. I think people really love those organic/natural moments and from there everything just skyrocketed for me.

5. Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Drake or Cardi B. I’m inspired by them both.

You can keep up with Amarni on her socials below:


This article first appeared on MEDIA HYPE 101.

Written by Shahbaz Malik


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