Julia Louis-Dreyfus obtains restraining order

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has obtained a restraining order against a woman who allegedly threatened to throw a grenade at her house.

The ‘Veep’ actress – who has sons Henry, 27, and Charles, 22, with husband Brad Hall – claimed "obsessed fanatic and complete stranger" Alisa Pearlman’ had made her family "victims of a course of conduct that has included stalking, cyberstalking, harassment and other annoying and alarming misconduct" and left her "frightened" for her safety.

She said in a declaration for the case obtained by The Blast: "I am frightened for my safety when leaving my house or coming home at night.

"Based upon (her) comments, threats, and stalking activities as summarised above, I am anxious and fearful that Ms. Pearlman’s delusional obsession will not only result in continued harassment of me but also manifest into additional forms of abuse and harassment, including harming (or attempting to harm) my husband or me physically."

According to legal documents, Julia described the homeless woman as "a stranger/stalker who has engaged in a course of harassing/threatening conduct for many months."

She alleged the unnamed female "threatened that she could throw a ‘Molotov cocktail’ or ‘grenade’" into her home and that she called herself a "stalker", who was out to "hurt" the actress and "also referenced an ‘attack’ on Ms. Louis-Drefus and starting a ‘war’ against her."

The 58-year-old star claimed the woman has been harassing her over social media and appearing unanounced near her home, and she has also been posting cardboard signs in the local area that accuse her of "stealing from a homeless writer".

Legal documents explained the alleged stalker thinks Julia stole the idea for ‘Veep’ from her.

They stated: "[The woman has] conjured up the delusion that Ms. Louis-Dreyfus somehow stole her writing for use in the award-winning television series, ‘Veep’, for which Ms. Louis-Dreyfus has won multiple Emmys and Screen Actors Guild Awards. "

Local police filed a declaration in support of Julia’s application for a restraining order.

An officer wrote in a declaration: "For over a year, the suspect has harassed Ms. Dreyfus on Twitter. The suspect has tagged Ms. Dreyfus’s Twitter account as the suspect rants about Ms. Dreyfus stealing her ideas and not being paid for them. These rants would come in droves for an extended period of time. The suspect would then take her site down as if she was trying to hide.

"Ms. Louis-Drefus is in fear for her safety and has suffered substantial distress because of Alisa Pearlman’s alarming, annoying, harassing and threatening course of conduct, which serves no legitimate use and is delusional and obsessive. Ms. Louis-Dreyfus reasonably and understandably fears that [the woman’s] harassment and abuse will continue and escalate."

A judge granted the request for the restraining order and told the woman to stay 100 yards away from the former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star, her home, and her family, and warned her "not to contact the persons, either directly or indirectly, using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook."

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