Camila Morrone ashamed of model past

used to be ashamed of her past career as a model.

The 22-year-old actress revealed she tried to hide her previous career when she first started acting because she didn’t want to be seen as "too sexy for a role".

Camila told The Los Angeles Times: "I felt so ashamed of my modeling history when I first got into acting, so I tried to hide that part of my life, because I didn’t want to be looked at as too sexy for a role. I’ve heard, ‘Oh, she’s not homey-looking,’ or ‘too voluptuous’ or – I don’t want to say sexy, because then I sound like I think of myself that way – which I don’t – but that’s oftentimes it."

Camila moved to New York to work as a model when she was a teenager but admitted she didn’t enjoy it as she was pressured to lose weight, and "forced to network with these people and sell a part of my soul to them".

Camila is currently starring in indie ‘Mickey and the Bear’ and when she flew out to Montana to audition for the role, director was shocked by how at how ordinary she looked.

Annabelle said: "I wanted to see her in the environment, and I told her to dress as the character. And when she walked through the door, she really was Mickey. There was nothing glamorous about her. She reminded me of one of my younger sister’s friends."

Her co-star James Badge Dale added: "Montana Cami is very different from Los Angeles Cami. When we’re all hanging out in L.A., everyone is getting dressed up, and in Montana, she’d be rolling around in a sweatshirt and Carhartts. When I heard she’d flown herself out to Montana to read, I thought, ‘How brave.’ It’s brave to do that, because in this world we live in, most of the time, the answer is ‘no’."

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