Kelly Brook’s domestic gift

Kelly Brook is buying her boyfriend a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

The 40-year-old model admitted she and Jeremy Parisi lead a very "domesticated" life so she’s planning to wrap a practical gift for him to find under their Christmas tree.

Asked what she’s going to buy Jeremy, she said: "He wants a Hoover. He wants a cordless one.

"that’s how domesticated we are these days."

When it comes to her own gift, Kelly would rather receive an experience than "things" as she just doesn’t need anything.

She told new! magazine: "I’m not really into things. I feel like I’m always throwing things away.

"I’m much more like, ‘Take me for a nice dinner or let’s go to a spa for the day.’

"I don’t want stuff, I just want experiences to create nice memories."

The brunette beauty can still vividly recall the worst present she ever received, almost 30 years ago.

She said: "My Auntie Patsy bought me a green jumper and I didn’t like it.

"I was just becoming a teenager.

"My cousin Sally asked, ‘Why don’t you like it?’ I said, ‘Because it’s green.’ And she said I could paint it.

"I remember that because it was so sweet."

Kelly enjoys the festive traditions in Jeremy’s native France but there’s always something she had to take with her.

She explained "When we go to France, they don’t have crackers so I take them with me.

"They have their own traditions, like seafood and big parties on Christmas Eve."

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