Zara Tindall’s casual style

Zara Tindall’s style is "very, very casual".

The 38-year-old royal – who is the daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips – likes to be practical with her fashion choices.

She said: "My style is very, very casual. Especially if I’m just at home with the children in the country. It’s jeans, flat boots or trainers and then a gilet or a coat over the top. Through the years, whenever going to an occasion, the main lesson that my mother taught us was just to make sure that you look presentable, clean and tidy. That was always handed down to us."

And the Olympian has confessed she’s not much of a shopper, instead preferring to shop online if "needs must".

She added: "It depends on the occasion and what’s needed. But I don’t really enjoy shopping. I’m more of an online shopper. It’s a case of when needs must, for me."

Zara now has her own walk in wardrobe, something which she has wanted for a long while.

She shared: "I have one finally. Everyone wants a walk in wardrobe, don’t they? It was always a big thing getting older and realising that dream of having a walk in wardrobe. That thing where you can find everything you need on hand immediately is amazing. When we moved into our current house that was a must for us."

And Zara admits it is more tough organising her kids’ wardrobes.

She told The Telegraph: "Organising children’s closets is a nightmare because they grow out of things so quickly. I find myself trying to move those clothes on as quickly as you’ve just put them in the drawers. It’s a little bit depressing when you realise how quickly they’re growing. Sifting through clothes and the laundry loads takes up a lot more of my time than it used to; two children and I do three different [equestrian] disciplines so that’s three sets of clothes. There’s a lot going on in the washing room at my house."

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