Anya Hindmarch wants burial bag

Anya Hindmarch wants to be buried with one of her signature bags when she dies.

The 51-year-old accessories designer thinks it would be the perfect "calling card" to take to heaven with her as it would remind her of her whole identity.

She said: "I’d like to be buried with one of my teeny velvet evening clutch bags. It’d have my initials on it in rainbow crystals.

"I think it could be quite nice as my calling card for heaven – if I get into heaven – just to remind me of who I am."

Anya vividly remembers being given her first designer handbag and how "cool and confident" it made her feel.

She told Britain’s ELLE magazine: "When I was 16 my mum gave me her old Gucci handbag.

"I still remember how that made me feel. Like a grown-up, cool and confident.

"It was kind of ridiculous that a piece of leather, a vessel for carrying things, could make me feel so different but that’s what fashion does; it alters your mood."

Anya understands the power of clothes but never wants them to overshadow her.

She said: "The first item I bought was a pair of bright red boots. They had jagged lightning bolts on the edge and a very 1980s triangular heel. I wore them every day for months.

"They made me realise clothes are about what they do for you.

"You can put on a great pair of shoes and they make you walk taller. Or if I’m going to a board meeting, I can put on a certain combination of clothes that make me feel like the best version of myself.

"I hate the idea of my clothes wearing me, I don’t want to be noticed for my clothes, I want to be noticed for me.

"If my clothes are intrinsically louder than who I am, it doesn’t feel authentic.

"I don’t like noticing what I’m wearing. I want to get dressed and forget about it."

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