The 1975 are close to finishing Notes On A Conditional Form

The 1975 are "reaching the finishing line" with ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’.

Matt Healy and co’s manager, Jamie Oborne, has revealed the ‘Give Yourself a Try’ hitmakers are nearing completion on their final LP in the two-part ‘Music For Cars’ series – which will follow 2018’s ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ – and admitted the record has "consumed" all of their lives and been "really difficult" to get two albums done back-to-back.

He said: "We’re just in the final stages of it at the moment.

"I lose track of time a little bit.

"It’s really consumed our lives. It’s been really difficult to make these two albums and allow them to move creatively forward in the way that Matthew [Healy, frontman] and George [Daniel, drummer] demand whilst promoting them and touring."

He added: "It’s only now that we’re coming to the end of the process of making the two records that I realise how much of a relief it is to be reaching the finish line.

"It’s been the most amazing but intense two years of my life.

‘I don’t know how we’ve managed to do it. It’s been such a team effort to get this far and even be able to function as humans."

Jamie also revealed that drummer George suffered with mental exhaustion after making the first album and won’t be able to sigh with "relief" until the second is wrapped.

He shared: "When we finished ‘A Brief Inquiry’, George was very visibly mentally exhausted.

"I asked him if he felt any sort of relief, and he said, ‘No, because we haven’t finished’.

"They literally started working on ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ immediately."

The Dirty Hit record label founder praised the band for taking on the challenge, comparing their efforts to those of the late music legend David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

He told "Anyone can make a load of tracks and split them into two albums, but The 1975 have actually made two separate albums in a two year period.

"It’s crazy. It’s like what it must have been like for The Stones, The Beatles or Bowie – at their peak and making these seminal pieces of work."

Jamie also described ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, which is due for release on February 21, as "f***ing bonkers".

He concluded: "I don’t say that with any hyperbole.

"’A Brief Inquiry’ was one of the albums of the decade.

"That’s me as a music fan saying, ‘I don’t know how they did that’.

"They’ve done it again. The next record is f***ing bonkers. "Hardly any artists ever do s*** like that any more."

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