Alexa Chung people should ditch fast fashion for vintage

Alexa Chung thinks people should ditch fast fashion and instead stock up on vintage clothing.

The 36-year-old model and television presenter can see lots of trends are "regurgitated from the past" and so has urged people to instead look towards vintage fashion, which is "readily available, easy and cheap".

She said: "Loads of fashion ideas or trends are regurgitated from the past so you could just buy vintage things. They’re readily available, easy and cheap – about three things I’m wearing now are vintage."

And Alexa has tried to combat fast fashion with her own clothing range, allowing people to rent the clothes.

She added to BBC Newsbeat: "It’s something celebrities have the luxury of doing because they borrow from a fashion house and then they send it back and they’re just wearing it for one event. Sharing clothes is such a brilliant idea because it’s true that you might want something special for one occasion but you don’t want to keep it in your wardrobe."

Meanwhile, Alexa previously revealed she has used fashion to shape how she’s perceived.

She shared: "I know now that I’m driven by a desire to communicate and to have an emotional connection with other people. Now more than ever there’s a growing space for people to tell their own stories and a need for them to do so. I have always dressed to express myself or to alter how other people may have chosen to perceive me.

"It’s about doing things with conviction and not being afraid to give negative feedback. I’ve always been in industries where you have to be incredibly likeable to do the job because being charming is part of the job description if you’re presenting TV or interviewing people. Whereas, with this, there are moments where you have to be the least liked person in the room in order to make clothes that are the most liked item on the rail."

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