Greta Gerwig’s fashion power

Greta Gerwig "communicates" her "power" with her outfit choices.

The ‘Little Women’ filmmaker has revealed why she sticks so strongly to her fashion style now she is a director.

Asked why maintaining her fashion style is so important now she’s a director, she said: "To communicate all of my power."

Greta has a vintage pair of Converse which she has kept since she was a young girl.

Sharing her favourite piece of vintage clothing in her wardrobe, she said: "I have a pair of Converse sneakers that are Converse before it was bought by Nike, and they’re the Jack Purcells, and they changed the way they looked. They tried to lie to me and say that they didn’t change them, but they did."

The 36-year-old actress and director credits her friend Sarah’s sister, Leah, as her "fashion icon" whilst she admits she prefers a jumpsuit over a pantsuit and plaid over floral for a pattern.

And ask what’s the first thing she notices about someone’s outfit, she told Vogue for their 73 questions feature: "Like mine. The shoes."

Meanwhile, Greta’s stylist Cristina Ehrlich thinks her client has a "supermodel body".

She explained: "Greta has a supermodel body, she’s a 1990s Cindy Crawford type. She’s statuesque, and she really knows how to pull her shoulders back. When a client looks and feels strong, it dictates a different sort of journey for me.

"We’ve really had to use the time we had together. My team and I have been playing the game: ‘can we nail the dress in the first 10 options?’, but it has been fun. She’s the perfect example of a woman who is intrigued and loves to play with fashion, so she comes in and says, ‘make me look beautiful’, and we do just that. There’s a level of trust, because Greta only works with a team that allows her to do her job the best that she can."

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