Luke Hemmings got THREE BRAND NEW tattoos and no one noticed

Milestone moment!


He’s the rocker known for his stylish good looks, and now 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings has officially joined the tattooed gang.

Luke Hemmings, 25, was the last remaining member of the Australian pop group not to be inked.

And on Sunday, the singer’s new ink was on full display as he performed at the Fire Fight Australia concert at Sydney’s ANZ stadium.

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Although he got the ink back in October, it seems the world only picked up on it now!

The 5SOS fandom is completely shaken by the news, taking to their Twitter accounts to express their excitement.

With some even racing to the tattoo parlor to get matching ones:

The tattoo is of a five tally – representing his internationally successful band.


Bird on his arm

In October 2019, fans freaked out when the bandโ€™s lead singer got his first tattoo. Luke has yet to reveal the meaning of the bird inked on the inside of his right arm.


Five tally marks on his wrist

The 5 Seconds of Summer logo is an image of five tally marks, and although it hasnโ€™t been confirmed, fans have speculated that this ink represents the band. Lukeโ€™s bandmates Calum and Ashton have similar tattoos.

Years on his wrists

On October 3, 2019, Luke got these two tattoos to represent the years that his parents,ย Lizย andย Andrew Hemmings, were born.

He posted an image of the tats to his Instagram Stories alongside the caption, โ€œEvery day I look down and got my parents with me.โ€

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