Jason Blum teases that Halloween Kills is intense

Jason Blum

Jason Blum has teased that ‘Halloween Kills’ will be "intense" and "huge".

The 51-year-old producer – who acts as a producer on the project through his Blumhouse Productions company – was left impressed after watching the slasher flick, the sequel to 2018’s ‘Halloween’.

Speaking to Den of Geek, he said: "I just saw ‘Halloween Kills’. It was so good. So good. It’s intense. It’s huge. It really feels really big."

‘Halloween Kills’ is the twelfth instalment in the franchise and Jason -who also serves as a producer on the upcoming ‘The Invisible Man’ film – admits that he enjoyed the task of bringing iconic killer Michael Myers back to the big screen, especially with audiences weary of sequel and remakes.

He said: "I like the challenge of people being cynical. When we first did ‘Halloween’ everyone’s like, ‘It’s gonna be horrible!’ And then people liked it.

"They don’t like everything we do, but I do like the challenge – even with ‘Invisible Man’ people are like, ‘Oh, what, are you gonna do with ‘Invisible Man’? The monsterverse hasn’t worked!’ This, that, everything else and then hopefully you give people a happy surprise."

Jason has cited the importance of giving director David Gordon Green to work with a lower budget, a technique he often uses in films made by his company, Blumhouse Productions.

He explained: "We approach Halloween the same way we approach Invisible Man. We have a different approach than studios take for those movies and it doesn’t always bear fruit, but it does often and really the notion of forcing the filmmakers to work for a lower budget makes us able to bet on unusual creative choices.

"I think that applies for Leigh (Whannell) and Invisible Man and I think it applies for Halloween and there are a few others that we’re looking at that we’re going to do the same thing with."

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