Justin Bieber kept battling for diagnosis

Justin Bieber "battled for months" to find out what was wrong with him before being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The 25-year-old singer was initially told he had bipolar disorder before eventually being told he had the tick-born condition – which can cause a whole spectrum of neuropsychiatric symptoms including mood swings, irritability, depression and anxiety – and his wife Hailey Bieber has urged people to keep pushing to find the problem if they’re ever in a similar situation.

Hailey told Refinery29: "The one thing I think about differently now is that it never hurts to check off every box; to really go there and say, ‘I feel like something’s wrong,’ then don’t stop until you come to some kind of answer.

"My husband was battling for months and we didn’t stop until he found the right person who was able to do lots of tests. He went through so much trying to figure out what was going on on the inside, and it just proved that you should never stop."

The 23-year-old model admitted seeing her husband’s illness cause problems with his skin also taught her the importance of using the right products to stop the complexion becoming as "inflamed and imbalanced" as the "inside" when going through periods of ill health.

She added: "It taught me to think about what we can do to replenish the skin from the torment it went through from being ill.

"I’m passionate about using and talking about products for people who are struggling with keeping their skin healthy while they’re battling something internal, whether it’s hormones or they have an illness.

"If the insides are all inflamed and imbalanced, then the outside is going to be inflamed and imbalanced. I have seen it with my husband, and he’s a guy, so that was new for me to learn how health affects a male’s skin."

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