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Harry Styles is ‘re-evaluating what’s important’ to him

Harry Styles has been "re-evaluating what’s important" to him now that he’s older, as he’s realised some things don’t make him "as happy" as he thought they did.

Alison Bree



Harry Styles

has been "re-evaluating what’s important" to him now that he’s older.

The 26-year-old singer shot to fame as a member of One Direction when he was a teenager, and has said that after spending a decade in the spotlight, he’s begun to look at things in a different light, and is realising some things don’t make him "as happy" as he thought they did.

He said: "I’m very old now! I think you just reevaluate things. And I think that happens at like several different points in your life. I don’t think it will be the last time that I reevaluate what’s important to me. But I think you have moments where you go … I think it happens to everyone in different times of your life where you think you want something, and you get it and you go, ‘Oh, that didn’t make me as happy as I thought it was going to make me.’ "

The ‘Adore You’ hitmaker is now trying to find a "balance" of things that bring him joy, rather than trying to "work out what [he’s] supposed to be doing".

Speaking during iHeartRadio’s Secret Sessions at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City, he added: "And then, you kind of look for different things and I guess I just put a lot more emphasis on trying to find the balance and trying to do what makes me happy rather than trying to work out what I’m supposed to be doing. So that’s been great."

Meanwhile, the hunky singer recently confessed he only pursued a career in music after he initially planned to be a physiotherapist, but was told by a careers advisor there were no jobs in the sector.

He said: "I think one of the first things to remember is that there’s now so many jobs that didn’t used to be jobs and I think so many people just get to do what they love and pursue it – and it’s kind of easy for me to say as I get to do it.

"If there’s not an obvious career around it, I think you can try and find some way that you can make it a career, I guess.

"Like, I always wanted to be a footballer but I wasn’t good enough, so I wanted to be a physio, and then we had a career day at school and I got told there were no jobs in physiotherapy so I became a musician instead!"

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