Rob Mills channels inner Justin Bieber and performs Coronavirus inspired song

He can act. He can sing underneath a Wolf mask and he’s got a sense of humour.

And on Saturday, Australian singer  took to his Instagram account to share an important message to his followers – in hopes of decreasing the spread of COVID-06.

‘Love yourself and others. #IsolationCreation #MelbourneBeaches #stayhome,’ he underneath the caption.


Singing along to the tune of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ – the 37-year-old Neighbours star had a message for the Australian’s who aren’t listening to government official’s advice to self-isolate.

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“My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone, I never thought Melbourne people could be dumb.

“I’ve been so caught up with no job, didn’t see what’s going on and now I know that most Australians want corona[virus],” he belted out.

“If you like, the way, it spreads that much then maybe you should go and [f***] yourself,” he continued.

“And if you think it’s hard to stay at home then maybe you should go and [f***] yourself,” he added.

Rob then added a sly dig aimed at one of the country’s other big cities as he sung the lyric: “Yeah, how very Sydney of you Melbourne…”

As of Sunday, March 29, there were 3,929 confirmed cases of in Australia, which have resulted in 16 deaths.

Watch the video above.

Written by Santi Wells


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