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E! Movie “Dude” Ben Lyons Gets the “Hollywood Treatment”

EXCLUSIVE: We caught up with American TV personality/film critic Ben Lyons to discuss upcoming US Summer blockbusters and the secrets behind the scenes of the hottest US films currently in production.




Ben Lyons Celebrates Birthday at Body English
Ben Lyons


EXCLUSIVE: We caught up with American TV personality/film critic  to discuss upcoming US Summer blockbusters and the secrets behind the scenes of the hottest US films currently in production.

We sat down with the E’s “Movie Dude” at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel in Woolloomooloo for over 20 minutes.

Here’s how the interview went down:

How exactly Did you get into the Industry? “I’ve always a fan of film always grew up watching movies. My first job I was an intern for a record label Ducktown Records, then I worked for Def Jam – Jay Z‘s company. I was an intern in the office errands, one thing lead to the next and somehow I landed on television. It’s been a fun ride.”

Who are your inspirations? “My father is someone whom I really admire, my grandfather who I never met who was a reporter for New York Post for 40 years but you know as far as outside my family.. A lot of these filmmakers from David Fincher to Spike JonesWoody Allen and Spike Lee and those.. I love above the title directors, I love people who inspire me, creative people.. I’m a huge Kayne West Fan, I love what he stands for .. People say his arrogant, People say his cocky the dude’s just good you know what I mean.. And I think there’s something to be said for that and we can all apply to our lives and whatever..”

Do you find any celebrities intimidating? “Umm I find people intimidating who im just a huge fan of.. You know it’s not nesscesiarly that their deminer or statues or even off putting to be around but i’ve just got to be like i’m such a huge fan of you but I need to just do the interview.. Everybody has been really cool so far.. I’ve been doing ‘E!’ for about 3 or 4 years so far and I’ve had the privilage of meeting people i’ve admired my whole life you know.. Talk about intimidating I’ve sat down with like Oliver Stone and talked about “W” umm his career, you need to know your shit when working with Oliver Stone..”

So which celebrities are you a fan of? “I’ve had the privilege to speak to a lot of them.. Charlize Theron, Matt Damon is someone i’ve enjoyed speaking to over the years umm Daniel Radcliffe, I’ve been saying that alot in interviews about talking to him.. but I really do the lists goes on.. I keep trying to make out with Keira Knightley.. Over four it’s not going to good she’s always funt o talk to but you know it’s the people you admire and respect.”

Summer’s hottest blockbusters? Transformers made $200, 000, 000 in the States in the first 5 days, I don’t care for the film but it shows you how my opinion goes for.. But that’s been a massive success.. Bruno sparked a lot of conversations…Some people are going to hate it other’s are going to really enjoy it.. It’s going to get people talking about various issues. It’s half-time so we’ve seen “The Hangover“, “Star Trek” and it’s time for “GI Joe” another “Harry Potter” movie..

Can you let is in on some Behind the Scenes secrets You’ve Come Across? Shia LeBeouf is working hard on “Wall Street 2“, he is going to continue working hard with Michael Douglas

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