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Lincoln Lewis shows off his incredible shock transformation as he covers Men’s Health Australia

Lincoln Lewis has shown off his incredible shock transformation as he covers this month’s issue of Men’s Health Australia.

has shown off his incredible shock transformation as he covers this month’s issue of Men’s Health Australia.

The Australian actor took to Instagram to show off his washboard abs – and the inspiring story behind his new look.

Seeing this is such a surreal feeling & definitely something I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to take part in!

This is personally a big deal for me as I’ve never opened up so much let alone on a public platform. I’m usually someone to keep this kind of stuff quiet but this was such a beautiful opportunity that I’m so grateful for & if this can help encourage or motivate even 1 person then it’s more than worth it for me.

For a decent amount of time, I’d been stuck in a constant spiral that had left me pretty heavily broken.

Something I never spoke about because I felt I never wanted to burden anyone around me but also because I thought “I’ll be sweet, time will fix it”.

Something that wasn’t right or healthy at all.

It got to the point where mentally & emotionally most of the time I felt broken but always made sure to put a smile on every time I’d step outside.

Keeping things to myself only made it worse which took away a big part of my natural happiness, my epic spark for life, my creativity when it came to my acting & lastly – eating like shit to try & make myself feel better, I’d physically I’d let myself go big time.

The last 3 months have been nothing short of life-changing 😁

A chance opportunity to accept a complete transformation! Something that while physically the results may show its the mental and emotional side that I FEEL the best results!

Setting a massive goal, realigning my focus & completely changing my entire eating plan to keep the body and mind clear, clean & working properly. Something that would set the pace for what’s been achieved




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