Taron Egerton and Dexter Fletcher Answer your Questions

‘Rocket Man’ star is in Australia

Telling the true fantasy life of Elton John, Rocketman is more than just a biopic. It comes like a whirlwind of colour, passion, heartache, and music. Exactly how an Elton John story should be!

On , Taron Egerton and director  took the time of their press junket to answer some fan questions in Sydney.

“If Taron felt he was born to play Elton John?” To this question, Taron replied, “I don’t know if I was born to play Elton John, but I always felt about doing the role even when I’ve not read !”

He thinks that with the kind of energy, positivity and enthusiasm Dexter has, he is the only person who could do this.

Dexter shares the reaction of on casting Taron as Elton. “Taron is Elvan in the musical is genius”

Not many people know that Taron is an amazing singer and for Rocketman, he performed all his vocals.

Asking if bringing singing was always a part of the plan, Taron mentioned that though it wasn’t planned, it helped to set the whole of it together.

He further said that he can genuinely claim #Eltonfandom.  He has been singing his popular songs ever since he was a teen. So, there was always a connection.

“If they had to pull back the original version of Elton’s personal relationship anyways?” There wasn’t the need as they already had a big story, they answered.

Rocketman perfectly captures the story of a man looking for love and thinking of music as an escape from his own reality.

Taron and Dexter met Elton for a lunch in Vegas and he welcomed all their questions. What both of them noted was that the pedestrian questions seem to make him more annoyed. However, the naughtier the question, the more engaged and excited he was.

This conversation clearly depicts how dynamically the movie captures the minutest details of Elton’s life. After all, that’s what we all were waiting for!


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