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Fans are losing their minds over Harry Styles’ new WATERMELON SUGAR music video clip

Harry Styles has released the highly anticipated music video clip for his single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and it is everything we could have ever asked for.

has released the highly anticipated music video clip for his single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and it is everything we could have ever asked for.

Yes, the new video for the track “Watermelon Sugar” is mouth-watering but that’s got nothing to do with food. Just watch the video for a few seconds and you won’t be asking why.

Juice drips down the singer’s neck as he and scantily clad women, all lusting after him, feast suggestively on watermelons and strawberries on the beach.

Um, yeah. What’s all this about again? Don’t worry—you’ll figure it out and you don’t have to be a quick learner.

Not one to procrastinate, Styles caresses the spine of a watermelon within the first 30 seconds of the clip.

He’s a man who knows how to communicate this message, that’s for sure.

As soon as the video dropped on YouTube, Styles’ fans pretty much went crazy with lust and weren’t shy about sharing their, ahem, enthusiasm for the singer all over social media.

Have you ever been jealous of fruit before? You will be now.

One fan said, “I’ve never envied a strawberry-like I do rn.” See what we mean?


Another obsessed admirer declared he’d die for the notoriously sexy singer.

The video’s got people frantically searching about how to become a watermelon. Probably one of the weirdest Google searches ever. Well, in normal circumstances. But Harry’s got his fans in a fevered frenzy and after all, they’re still stuck in their houses for quarantine. There’s no reaching there.




“Watermelon Sugar” is from the 2019 album Fine Line. Styles has come a long way since starting his career as a member of One Direction in 2010, transforming from cute kid to the man everyone’s drooling over in his latest video! If there was ever any doubt about his new sex symbol status, it’s certainly no more.

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