The Voice’s Chris Sebastian opens up about suffering a miscarriage with his wife Tash

If you’re like most of us, when you hear the name you think of his memorable performance this year as a contestant on The Voice.

How could we forget when his blind audition stunned all the judges, including his own brother, Guy Sebastian?

Guy was even brought to tears. Talk about hidden talents.

But now that the gifted singer is sharing more of himself with the world, he’s revealed a painful story from the past

In 2018, his wife Tash suffered a miscarriage in the second trimester of pregnancy. Chris was devastated by this, struggling to deal with his emotions.

“I know that people have their own stories when it comes to miscarriage but for me, I put this unrealistic pressure on myself to be the man and not be upset or show emotion and I wish I didn’t.”

Tash discovered that she was miscarrying the evening before the day she was supposed to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding.

Chris confides that the occurrence made him feel “a new type of sadness.” He says they’d “been so excited about the pregnancy and told their family.”

Writing the song Soon was instrumental in bringing Chris through this crisis.

He describes the process of writing the song as “a turnaround for me” and something that happened organically. It just poured from him as he worked through how he felt while sitting on the floor of his studio.

Chris feels that writing Soon was key to his healing and recovery. It instilled him with hope and a sense of renewal for the future. He says he was able to move forward and transcend the influences of toxic masculinity that had been holding him back from reaching out.

Chris and Tash have since been blessed with their daughter, Ava, who was born in March.

Written by Samantha Lord


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