Everything You Need To Know About Harry Cook’s New Book ‘Fin & Rye & Fireflies’

Australian actor debuts new novel

Harry Cook

is coming out with his debut novel, Fin & Rye & Fireflies. It’s being released on August 12th but fans can pre-order now.

And they’ll be excited to know that this book is planned for on-screen adaptation in the near future.

The book tells the story of Fin Whittle, a sixteen-year-old boy who realizes that he likes guys. When he kisses someone he admires, his secret is revealed and his family decides that their son needs a “fresh start.” The family moves to a new town, and Fin meets some new friends there.

There’s someone he finds attractive, too, a guy called Rye. When his parents catch on, they demand that he undergoes “conversion therapy”, so he can follow the path they consider the “straight and narrow.” Fin and Rye come up with a daring plan to find the happiness they (and their “fireflies”) deserve.

Being true to oneself is the most significant theme of this fantastic LGBT-themed novel.

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It’s guaranteed to be a joy to read, with a variety of delightful scenes. Pride parades, vintage dinners, and meet-ups in the moonlight are just a few of the scenes that you’ll find.

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Harry was born in London, England, but he and his family moved to Sydney, Australia when he was ten years old.

He is best known as an actor, and he started that career when he was just 13 and signed with a young talent agent.

His career primarily focused on theatre shows and commercials until 2009.

That’s when he appeared in his first film, in which he played the son of a character played by Academy Award-winning actress, Geena Davis.

He has written for publications such as The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and The Big Smoke.

His first book was a memoir called Pink Ink. It was published in September 2018 by Harper Collins.

Written by Samantha Lord


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