Is KJ Apa QUITTING Riverdale?

Please say it aint so!

Riverdale star started dropping hints that he wanted a career change and to pursue “his first love of music”.

The man knows how to build suspense, and it began at Sydney Comic-Con last year when he announced an album was in the works and would be released in the near future.

And surprise, surprise, the New Zealand-born actor seems to be planning to release a brand-new album sooner than expected, much to the excitement of devoted fans.


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The buzz began on Instagram when he posted a photo of him with a guitar with the caption, “something hot cooking!” Hart Denton, a fellow musician appeared with him in the snap.

Denton re-shared a picture of KJ later on and said cryptically (or maybe not so cryptically!), “You’ll hear these voice memos…on the album.”

KJ isn’t a novice when it comes to making music. After all, he was the tender age of 14 when he released an instrumental rock album, The Third Room.

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The base of his fame, though, comes from his role as Archie Andrews on Riverdale, a CW drama series. He’s played this role since 2017.

Hiring him to play this role must have been a no-brainer for producers, given how well he suits it and the fact that both he and the character are musicians.

KJ has brought his musical talent to the show, singing with other musically talented members of the cast.

Another ominous sign that devoted Riverdale followers might soon be disappointed by KJ appearing no more is the fact that in September 2017.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he said: “never really wanted to be an actor, it was never really something that I actively pursued.”

It’s clear that he enjoys being an actor, but he doesn’t see it as “the end game.”

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Written by Samantha Lord


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