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Fans Demand a Sequel as Tomorrow, When The War Began Cast Are Reunited After 10 Years

The cast of TWTWB have finally reunited after a decade and answer everything you ever needed to know about the film.




Tomorrow, When The War Began

News broke on May 11 that the Tomorrow, When the War Began cast was coming together for the first time in 10 years for an exciting virtual reunion.

The cast would see the movie’s writer and director, Stuart Beattie, for the first time since the science fiction film premiered in 2010.

It was adapted from John Marsden’s wildly popular young adult novel about a dystopian invasion of Australia.

They explained on , “A couple of weeks ago @andyryansyd threw out the idea that we should all get together for a zoom chat for a way overdue catch up to have a laugh, share some stories & our fave memories from filming, answer some audience questions, and just enjoy seeing each other again after so much time.”

The virtual reunion was posted on YouTube for those who missed out.

Maybe the cast didn’t know what they were in for when they did this, but now the fans are demanding a sequel to the hit movie!

The comments blew up with reminiscences and requests from fans to come back together for a new project that continues with TWTWB’s story. There’s no getting out of it now!

If you haven’t seen TWTWB, you need to.

This edge-of-your-seat action movie focuses on the adventures of eight teenagers in a coastal town of Australia who are forced to fight a violent invasion of the country.They find out about what’s happened after emerging from the woods after a trip to a campsite appropriately called “Hell.” This ends up being prepared for the primal fear and challenges ahead.

TWTWB’s cast includes stars such as , , , , and .

Let’s hope we see them together soon on the big screen. We’re waiting!



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