Sara Sampaio has ditched caffeine from her diet

Sara Sampaio quit drinking coffee three years ago because caffeine made her feel "jittery".

The 27-year-old Portuguese model recognised that she was crashing after having the hot beverage in the mornings and so cut it from her diet completely and she has never felt more energised.

Speaking to the US edition of ELLE magazine, Sara said: "For breakfast, if I’m at home, I’ll cook some eggs and avocado. If I wake up very late and it’s almost lunchtime, I’ll throw some steak in it, I just like to try to keep it as balanced and healthy as I can.

"I love to have a warm drink in the morning, but I don’t drink coffee, I quit coffee about three years ago now and I feel a lot better since I quit. I actually have more energy which everyone always gets very surprised when I tell them I have more energy. I just don’t crash.

"I really like how it makes me feel – especially as I get a lot of anxiety – so just quitting caffeine helped me not be jittery. I love pepper tea because it’s very fresh."

The Victoria’s Secret Angel has also revealed that her favourite product in her cosmetics bag is her highlighter because it makes her feel "younger and fresh".

She said: "My morning routine is to start with brushing my teeth, I actually use no fluoride, no SLS toothpaste. My skin is very sensitive so I got this rose toning gel from The Organic Pharmacy. I’m also just going to focus on my eyes to make them pop, I like this curler from Shiseido which is great. A little bit of mascara from Armani Beauty too, not a lot, just a little. I also use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps.

"The last thing for makeup is highlighter, my favourite thing! It makes you look younger, and fresh and healthy."

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