Lily Collins’ style is ‘constantly changing’

says that her style is "constantly changing" as she grows as a woman.

The 29-year-old screen beauty is known for her effortless fashion choices and has revealed her wardrobe is made up of items purchased from "so many amazing vintage shops" from all over the world.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph newspaper’s Stella magazine, Lily said: "In Brussels there are so many amazing vintage shops. I found some incredible old Adidas and Fila jackets. But I’m constantly changing when it comes to fashion."

Lily gets to walk numerous red carpets for her career and she always likes to give credit to the designers who have supplied her outfits for the glitzy events if she is asked what she is wearing but she’d rather talk about her work.

She said: "Well, I like to give credit where credit’s due, and if I’m wearing something a designer has created, they deserve the credit. One hopes there’s going to be more than one question – and if it is just the one, I’d rather be asked what I’m doing there."

The ‘To The Bone’ actress’ father is music legend Phil Collins and she has revealed that he gave her some invaluable advice when she began her acting journey.

She shared: "For every positive review you read you’ll probably find two negative ones, so if you’re proud of something, don’t let anyone take that away … I feel like I already have this armour built in, which I can use at any moment."

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