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Tom Fletcher: I have McFly in my DNA




thinks "defines" him as a person.

The 34-year-old star has previously spent time trying to distance himself from his days in the band, but he now concedes he’ll always be defined by their records and what they’ve achieved.

Speaking after McFly signed their first record deal since 2009, Tom explained: "In hindsight, what we really needed was a break to realise how much we needed McFly.

"We’ve spent our whole adult lives being called Tom McFly or Danny from McFly – and part of you desperately wants to justify that that doesn’t define who you are.

"But the truth is McFly totally defines who we are. It’s in our DNA."

The band – which also includes , and – attempted to reunite in 2017, but tensions between the members saw them abandon the idea at the time.

At one stage, they even considered attending therapy in a bid to overcome their tensions.

told the BBC: "Although we never thought they would, things got a bit weird between us.

"We tried to talk it out a couple of times over those years and it just was very unproductive. So, yeah, there were moments where we talked about, ‘Do we need to get in a room with a therapist and document this?’"

The band have signed a record deal with BMG and Harry has revealed how the move came about.

He said: "We had a really instant connection with Jamie Nelson, who wanted to sign us.

"He just came in, heard some of the song and put his cards out on the table and said, ‘I love what I’m hearing, I’ve always kept a close eye on you as a band, and I’ve always enjoyed what you’ve done’.

"He basically played to our egos and said all the right things."

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