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Amy Adams’ Vice weight achieve

Amy Adams gained 12-15lbs to play Lynne Cheney in ‘Vice’ and it helped her connect to the "grounded" wife of former US Vice President Dick Cheney.

Alison Bree



Amy Adams gained 12-15lbs (5 to kilos) to play Lynne Cheney in ‘Vice’.

The 44-year-old actress portrays the spouse of former US Vice-President within the new biopic and says placing on weight helped her paint the “grounded” Lynne.
Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Amy said:

I didn’t gain as much weight as [co-star] , so it’s easy to not notice mine. Christian also lost all of his — maybe I hung on to some of my weight, I’m OK with that. It ended up probably being around 5 to 6 kilos.”

“The weight gain was great because I felt that Lynne was somebody who was very grounded and had a lot of gravitas in the way that she walked; she was not flirty or light in any way. As I started to embrace her connection to the earth, that’s when it started really clicking in,” she continued.

Amy has since landed a Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations for role in ‘Vice’.

She stated: “The thing that was really amazing was that I moved really quickly into ‘Vice’ after I finished ‘Sharp Objects’.”

“I took a working vacation after ‘Sharp Objects’ and then did reshoots on ‘Justice League’ and then came back and immediately began research, hair and makeup and wardrobe for ‘Vice’.”

“I credit working on ‘Vice’ for helping pull me out of [‘Sharp Objects’] Camille. If I hadn’t had something to focus on that felt so different, I might have had a different transition out of that character.”

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