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Miley Cyrus: It would have to be a cold day in hell for me to take drugs again

Sarah Malik



says it would “have to be a cold day in hell” for her to take drugs again.

The 28-year-old singer recently admitted she had relapsed in her sobriety during lockdown when her battle with her mental health caused her to drink again, but has insisted she has stayed away from drugs for “years”, and has no plans of ever taking them again.

Miley – who is now five weeks sober following her alcohol relapse – said: “[I] haven’t done drugs in years. Honestly, I never try to, again, be a fortune-teller. I try to not be naive. Things f****** happen. But from sitting here with you right now, I would say it would have to be a cold day in hell for me to relapse on drugs.”

However, the ‘Midnight Sky’ hitmaker also confessed she would “possibly take mushrooms” if she ever were to relapse, and said she “really, really liked” when she took ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew.

She revealed during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine: “Ayahuasca was definitely one of my favourite drugs I’ve ever done. When I did it, I asked everyone else in the room, ‘Did your entire life just change? Are you a new person?’ They all looked at me and said, ‘No.’ And they’re like, ‘You’re so extreme. Of course you have to have the most extreme trip of all.’

“Actually, the shaman said people take ayahuasca three, four times, sometimes 30 times before they have the kind of trip I had. I saw the snakes right away, and the snakes come and grab you and take you to the Mama Aya, and she walks you through your whole trip, and it was pretty crazy. I loved it, though.”

Miley first spoke about her relapse last month, when she said she “fell off” during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She said at the time: “Well, I, like a lot of people, being completely honest, during the pandemic fell off and felt really a lot of … and I would never sit here and go, ‘I’ve been f****** sober.” I didn’t, and I fell off and I realised that I now am back on sobriety, two weeks sober, and I feel like I really accepted that time.

“I’m very disciplined … That’s why it’s never easy, but it’s pretty easy for me to be sober or in and out of sobriety because it’s like the day I don’t want to f****** do it anymore, I don’t. The day that I do, I do. You know? But when I don’t want to it just is. I’m just very disciplined.”

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