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NBC Actress Hilary Curwen Shares Her Pandemic Fitness Tips

You might know from the hit Show “I Feel Bad” on NBC in 2018, executive produced by Amy Poehler. But she is now on the fitness scene, Founder of LA Privates Pilates, and fitness trainer for no one but our favorite celebrities, including Nina Dobrev.

We asked her what her favorite fitness moves are to get back our pre-pandemic weight, and she did not disappoint!

  1. Side Lifts (Obliques)
    Lying on your side with legs extended slightly in front of the hips (like a banana), straighten both
    legs and lift them together off the ground.  Lift and lower the legs from the top waist to get right
    into the top oblique.
  2. Side Lifts (Inner Thighs)
    In the same position from above, hold the top leg off the ground in a static position, then draw
    the bottom leg up and down touching the inner thighs for a moment. This seems easy at first
    glance but incorporates deep core muscles in order to lift the leg with control.
  3. Bicycle Crunches (Abs)
    Lying on your back cradling your head, lift the legs into a table top position and draw the belly
    button towards the spine.  Slowly rotate the rib cage touching the to the knee. You can
    start slow then speed it up for a deeper burn.
  4. Side Plank (Core)
    Stack the feet and press the forearm into the ground, lift and lower the hips, grazing the ground.
    Lifting at the lowest rib, focus on the side body and take rests if the shoulder starts to strain.
  5. Modified Push Ups (Chest)
    I loved modified  push ups because you can focus on getting the chest low to the ground.  On
    the knees, press the hands into the ground and engage the abs as you press away from the
    floor.  Drop halfway down to pulse to finish up your set.
  6. Arabesque (Butt)
    Using your core to balance extend a leg behind you into a T position. Then, bend and straighten
    the standing leg. Not only will this burn out the standing leg, but using the abs properly to
    balance makes this one tricky!
  7. Booty Presses (Butt)
    Lying on your stomach, extend the legs long behind you. Lift one leg and draw circles, once the
    leg is fatigued reverse the circle without touching the floor. This is a booty burner!
  8. Fire Hydrant circles (Butt) On all fours, press both hands equally into the floor and lift one leg horizontally to the floor to hipheight and pulse.
  9. Glute Bridge (Butt)
    Lying on your back, place both feet on a chair hip width. Lower the hips to the floor then press
    up, closing the rib cage and tilting the pelvis back slightly to engage the pelvic floor.
  10. Tricep Kick Backs (Triceps)
    Grab light weights, wine bottles or cans! Hold the arms straight back behind you and bend at the
    waist, leaning towards the ground. Keeping the upper half of the arm still, bend the forearm then
    extend the arms straight back.  Go slowly, really controlling the arms, focusing on working
    against the tension of your weight.  I love these for lean sculpted arms!
Instagram: @HilaryCurwen
Facebook: LA Private Pilates

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