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Liam Payne gets dog for Maya Henry

Sarah Malik



got Maya Henry a puppy for Christmas.

The ‘Strip that Down’ singer – who has three-year-old son Bear with former partner Cheryl – delighted his fiancee with cute new canine companion Winston, and the pooch has already been getting pampered by his new owners.

Maya shared a photo of the dog wearing a jumper from designer brand Off White, before later swapping his outfit for a doggy Adidas tracksuit.

Meanwhile, Liam recently revealed he undergoes a coronavirus test before he visits his son.

The former One Direction singer said over the weekend: “I went and saw Bear today. We had a little hangout which was nice as I hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks. It’s hard with the COVID thing as I have to make sure I’m negative before I go over and see him so it’s having to wait that couple of days before you can test so …

“He’s only up the street and it’s dead complicated but he’s gotten so big, huge.”

The 27-year-old singer says the pandemic has taught him to “stop taking things for granted”.

He said: “I’m quite tired! One of the most difficult things about the pandemic is working from home and trying to balance your personal life with your work life, when there’s not really that closing door between the two places.

“I think it’s allowed all of us to stop taking as many things for granted, and to be a bit more thankful and grateful I feel, for what we have … it’s quite a beautiful thing actually.”

Liam has been spending more time with Bear and recently celebrated Christmas with him.

He explained last month: “For me, it really reignited Christmas. I moved away from home at 17, so Christmas kind of took on a new meaning. It was great to be able to shower people with gifts and make everybody feel welcome, but Christmas always felt a little bit hollow for some reason. Now he’s kind of filled that hole for me and I understand it all over again.”

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