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Married At First Sight NZ star Samuel Levi accuses security guard of calling him homophobic slur

Married At First Sight star Samuel Levi has accused a popular Melbourne bar of using a homophobic slur.

Samuel Levi

Married At First Sight star has accused a popular Melbourne bar of using a homophobic slur.

Taking to his Instagram story on Saturday night, he wrote: “I haven’t experienced homophobia in a bloody long time.

Basically since my time on MAFS! Tonight it happened for the first time, and put me in tears to say the least.”

Samuel continued: “I never ever let this stuff get to me, but for a bouncer to call me a f—-t as I was with a bunch of girls @theosbornerooftop hit a nerve, and Emotions just came flowing out.

The word, the aggression, and him physically shoving me it struck a nerve, and it was like Flashbacks hit all Over again. I can not explain.

It’s been years since something like this has happened to me, and I forgot what it really felt like, let alone allow people to think it was normal to do so. I’m a bloody strong individual – but for someone to try show superior and be nasty and attack someone really made me break down – and this isn’t normal. Let alone be physical and verbal.

I have finished my night early, to go home as this really just made me miserable.”

The Osborne Rooftop & Bar has since issued Hollywood Treatment a statement, writing: “We have been made aware of an incident that occurred overnight. We are taking this allegation seriously and are investigating the matter. As a venue we always have and will continue to support LGBT and related communities.”


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