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Julianne Moore: I'm a big fan of therapy

Julianne Moore is a “big fan of therapy”.

The 0-year-old actress stars in the Apple TV mini-series ‘Lisey’s Story’ as the widow of a writer who travels to an alternate world, and Julianne relished the opportunity to appear in the show, describing her role as “exciting and challenging”.

She explained: “These stories are a way to examine our anxieties and emotions, so that was an attraction for me.

“Also, as an actor, you want to find the reality of a character, and trying to do that when you’re dealing with the supernatural was exciting and challenging.”

Asked if she’s good at confronting her own anxieties, the Hollywood star told the US edition of OK! magazine: “Our feelings are fantastic, interesting, wonderful and sometimes debilitating, but we have to keep engaging with them.

“So I’m a big fan of therapy. One of the things I love about modern life is people’s ability to share what’s going on with them and not feel so isolated. You think you’re the only one with this kind of anxiety and fear, but then you realise, ‘No, no, everybody has it.'”

Despite her anxieties, Julianne enjoys interacting with her fans and insists she’s never found anyone to be “too intrusive”.

And while some fans have occasionally been “inappropriate”, she doesn’t allow those situations to worry her.

She said: “It feels really great when someone is like, ‘Your movie was so meaningful to me and your performance is so much like my life and I just wanted to say hello’.

“You’re blown away by it because that’s the kind of interaction you want to have. I’ve had many of them and I’ve never found anybody to be too intrusive. Sometimes people are inappropriate, but then, aren’t we all!”

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