Here’s Why Lorde Probably Delivered That Strange Silent Dance Performance at the MTV VMAs

Her performance of “Homemade Dynamite” confused everyone.

Lorde took the stage during Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards and performed a remix of her song “Homemade Dynamite.” From the start of her performance, it was clear that something was kind of off.

The singer did not sing or lip-sync, and instead spent her three minutes on stage flailing her arms around, gliding across the floor, and clawing her way through some kind of silent interpretive dance. We think.

Check it out below:

What in the world happened here?

Lorde’s Twitter account may offer up some clues. Earlier in the evening, the singer tweeted that she was battling the flu, which could explain why she chose not to sing.

I mean, singing while sick does sound like a terrible, terrible combination. But if you’re that sick, how do you have that much energy to dance? Hmmmm.

This tweet also makes us wonder why Lorde didn’t consider canceling her performance if she wasn’t feeling well. Or maybe I’m wrong and the silent number thing was all intentional, and I just need to better understand what art really looks like.

Either way, we still love you, Lorde!


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