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Sharon Stone says her reputation damaged her career

Sharon Stone thinks her reputation for being “difficult” has damaged her career.

The 63-year-old actress has been outspoken on various issues over the years, and Sharon thinks that her willingness to discuss contentious things in public has undermined her earning potential.

She told WSJ Magazine: “I’m just excited to see where I belong in the world, to see where my journey is going.

“I think that when I was saying all these things – that now Kamala Harris, our fabulous vice president, and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are now avidly discussing – about women’s rights, [it] made my film career quite difficult.

“People found me to be ‘difficult’ because I was asking for those things and expecting to get those things that I felt were correct and appropriate for myself and other women.”

Sharon also thinks that attitudes are evolving, and ultimately, she believes it might make things easier for women like herself in the film business.

The Hollywood star said: “That hurt me and my standing with my colleagues in the business. What I [am waiting] to see at this point is now that [gender equality] is becoming the standard fare, [will] I be accepted back into my film community because I had that great thing that President Obama talked about, which was audacity?

“I was willing to bash my own head on the glass ceiling. I’m going to have to see if this wounded warrior can be accepted back into her industry or if I will have to move along somewhere else.”

Meanwhile, Sharon also revealed she’s keen to wear “simple and clean” clothes, and admitted to having a “hippie” style.

She explained: “I don’t really like to be uncomfortable, so I’m not one of those people that you’re often going to see in a bustier, uncomfortable shoes – gear that’s really hard to wear.

“I like clothes that are simple and clean and structurally, architecturally interesting. I like hippie kind of clothes.”

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