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Joshua Jackson's life is better now he's settled

Joshua Jackson’s life is “better” in every way now he’s married with a child.

The 43-year-old actor tied the knot with in December 2019, five months before they welcomed their daughter Janie into the world, and he admitted his life has changed “in every single possible way” over the last year.

He gushed: “There is nothing that is not better off then being married to her and having that baby. It’s everything.”

Joshua has been in the US promoting his new TV show ‘Dr. Death’ while his wife has been in Cannes for the premiere of her film ‘After Yang’ and the former ‘Affair’ star wishes he’d been able to fly to France with her.

He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I wanted to say congratulations to her. [Jodie] is in Cannes right now for the first time with her movie … I wish I could be with you there, love.”

In ‘Dr. Death’, Joshua plays Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a real life neurosurgeon whose fell under scrutiny after patients began leaving his operations permanently maimed or dead, and he was grateful to have his family around to bring him out of the dark role after a day’s film.

He said: “I have never played anything like Christopher Duntsch before … there is nothing redeemable about Christopher Duntsch.

“Christopher Duntsch is actually not a bad doctor, he’s a bad surgeon. So he’s an extremely, possibly genius-level intelligent man.

“I think honestly, having my family there with me was fantastic, because to go home, kiss my wife, hold the baby and not be a truly, truly horrendous human being when I got home at night was a great tonic.

“And then frankly, when we got to the end, I kind of just collapsed, I don’t think I realised quite how heavy the thing was, that I was walking around with all of the time until it was done and I put it down and caught my breath.”

Ahead of filming, Joshua listened to the ‘Dr. Death’ podcast the series was based on and after “binging the whole thing in one sitting”, was left both horrified and fascinated.

He said: “I think I did the thing that most people do when they listen to the podcast, which is to say, ‘How? How did this happen? Who is this guy and how was he allowed to create this chaos in people’s lives?

“Every time I [learned] more I became more curious which, to me, is the best sign ever for signing on to a job, where you are just like, ‘I want to know, and I like watching stuff like this.’ So I guess if I would want to know, I assume other people would want to know too.”

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