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Max George made fearless by brave Tom Parker

has let go of all his fears after seeing Tom Parker battle a brain tumour.

singer’s bandmate revealed in October last year he’d been diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 glioblastoma and the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ singer admitted he’s learned to live in the moment after watching his pal’s bravery over the last few months.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “I don’t fear anything any more because I look at where Tom is and what he’s got and he’s just taking it head on.

“I do look at life differently in terms of anything can happen tomorrow so just make the most of today. Tom has given me a lot of strength.

“He is a massive inspiration and I think he will be to millions of other people.”

The 32-year-old star was in “shock” when Tom’s wife Kelsey broke the news of his friend’s diagnosis but he’s convinced his pal can “fight” the disease.

He recalled: “It was just the shock that it was Tom.

“I remember the day that his wife Kelsey rang me and I couldn’t get my head around that it was Tom, and I started wondering why it was Tom and not me. Fighter.

“I’m devastated, but he’s a fighter, and if there is one person who can get past it, it’s Tom.”

Tom previously revealed he’d been told treatment had caused his tumour to be “significantly reduced” and Max is confident his friend can defy the odds and “make a full recovery”.

He said: “He’s safe and stable. I think he’s defying any of the odds that have ever been.

“He’s great. We speak a lot and he is doing way better than anybody could have expected, so everyone is really happy with where he’s at.

“They say that he can’t recover from his condition, but if there’s one person that could, it’s Tom. He’s a different breed, so 100% I believe he can make a full recovery.”

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