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Kerry Katona got wake-up call when Whitney Houston died

Kerry Katona’s “biggest wake-up call” came when Whitney Houston died.

The former Atomic Kitten singer felt grateful she’d overcome her own problems when died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011 and then when the ‘I Will Always Love You’ hitmaker passed away the following year after drowning in her bath, with cocaine use listed as a contributing factor, she fully realised the dangers of the drug.

She wrote in her column for New! magazine: “This week marks 10 years since Amy Winehouse died. I can really relate to Amy. Her death on the front page of the newspapers could have easily been me.

“I remember the day she died, I just thought to myself, ‘I’m so glad I sorted my s*** out.

“And then a year later, Whitney Houston died. That was the biggest wake up call for me about drugs ever.”

The 40-year-old star – who has five children from previous relationships – insisted she wasn’t “addicted” to cocaine but it was the only way she could find relief in her life at the time.

She added: “It wasn’t that I was addicted to cocaine, I was just so lost and so lonely, that it was my only friend.

“It was all I had at the time and I wanted to die. I’m so lucky to be alive.

Meanwhile, Kerry admitted she is still learning about parenthood and has to try hard not to compare herself to other mums.

She said: “For me, I think the hardest thing about motherhood is your own perception that you have of yourself. You go on Instagram and you see all these parents who are doing things like baking and sewing, and I think, “Bloody hell I can’t do anything like that!”

“I think your biggest fault can be comparing yourself to other mums. You have to remember that we all have struggles. Nothing can prepare for you becoming a mum. Even now, I still learn something new every day.”

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