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Elijah Wood reconnects with dad

finally has a “healthy” relationship with his father.

The 40-year-old actor didn’t see or speak to his dad, Warren Wood, for years after his parents split when he was 15 but he admitted he needed to “reassess” his relationship with his parent as he got older and is happy to have a newfound closeness to his relatives.

Asked if becoming a dad himself had made him reassess his relationship with Warren, he said: “No, but I think reassessing my own relationship with my father is just something that has happened with age, with time.

“As we get older I think all of us have conversations with ourselves and with our past and reconcile where we came from [and if] there is anything in our past that needs to be addressed.”

Asked his relationship with Warren now, he said: “In communication, which is good. I mean it’s healthy. And I’m close with that side of my family for the first time in a really long time, which is great.”

The ‘No Man of God’ actor and partner Mette-Marie Kongsved’s son will turn two soon and Elijah loves being a parent.

He told Sunday Times magazine: “It is all-consuming and it’s everything but that includes the best things: hearing first words and watching your son take his first steps.

“It’s all these incredible milestones and we’ve just begun.”

The ‘Lord of The Rings’ actor began acting as a child but credits his mum Debra for keeping him from going off the rails.

He said: “I’m 40 now and I haven’t had a major drug problem, and I haven’t had anything really happen to me that has been negative. For me, personally, my life wasn’t defined by what I did.

“[Mum] drilled humility into me.”

Elijah explained his mum always made him hang up his clothes and stopped him from jumping the lunch queue on set, as actors were encouraged to do.

He said: “It was these micro things, but it all adds up to creating perspective and also to stress the importance of other things rather than the ephemera of what happens when you’re famous or recognisable or whatever the f***.”

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